For a beautiful beach and a great time on Anegada, head to Big Bamboo, Loblolly Beach on Anegada’s North Shore. Seek out crazy Richard, who lives in a tent behind the gift shop. Or Pluto, as he calls it. Buy a piece of wood from him (couple of beers per piece) and ask the awesome bartenders for a magnifying glass. ┬áBurn your and your loved ones’s name into the wood and then hammer it to the bar.


If you get lucky crazy Richard might also throw in a torch or knife juggling performance. Sample the famous fresh Anegada lobster as well as locally caught Conch, Red Snapper and Grouper, have some fanatic drinks, chill on the beach or go surfing.


Big Bamboo Anegada Website:


Thanks to Rockhoppin’ Charters for the photos. More Anegada Photos are on their website.