Anegada, BVI

Island and Travel Information for Anegada in the British Virgin Islands

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Big Bamboo, Loblolly Beach

For a beautiful beach and a great time on Anegada, head to Big Bamboo, Loblolly Beach on Anegada’s North Shore….

Anegada Map

Check out this Map of Anegada, BVI which shows you the most important places.

Paddleboarding on Anegada

Anegada with it’s warm, clear, turquoise water is an amazing place to go paddleboarding. What is SUP? SUP is short…

Anegada Lobster Festival

The Anegada Lobster Festival is for everyone who loves food, loves lobster, loves the Caribbean and dreams of the British…

Anegada & BVI Customs and Immigration

Anegada is part of the British Virgin Islands (BVI) and as such British overseas territory. The fourteen British Overseas Territories (BOT) are…

Anegada, BVI

Anegada, literally “drowned island” is the Northernmost of the British Virgin Islands. It lies approximately 15 miles (24 km) north…

How to get to Anegada

Anegada has a tiny airport and no customs office for boats (you have to check-in at another BVI). You can get there by…

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