Anegada has a tiny airport and no customs office for boats (you have to check-in at another BVI). You can get there by helicopter, charter flight, sailboat, private charter boat or ferry (from Tortola or Virgin Gorda).

Flights to Anegada

There are a few scheduled flights to Anegada (from St. Thomas, San Juan, Virgin Gorda and Tortola), you can also charter a plane or a helicopter

Powerboat Charter to Anegada

Ferry to Anegada

This is the slowest, but cheapest option. The connection from Tortola is pretty good, from St. John or St. Thomas you have a few interchanges and might need a taxi ride as well from West End to Road Town.

Sailing to Anegada

The most authentic way to get to Anegada, for example by chartering a boat from the moorings. Be careful, the approach is not easy and the reef has wrecked many ships. For information on how to navigate to Anegada, check out this great article.